Public Sector

Triathlon Group serves the Public Sector, including public administration authorities, public companies, regional development entities and private-public partnerships.

Demands on public-sector services are rising in terms of quality and efficiency, combined with modernization of approach to follow the development of society. At the same time regional development, including building a stronger ground for local businesses and jobs, is key.


Public sector

Business case attracting investors

A business incubator needed a presentation material for a yearly investors' seminar. Triathlon supported with assessment and development of a communication material, resulting in widespread interest among investors.

Offshore & Shipping

Cost analyses enabling improved port efficiency

A large organization in the shipping industry needed a cost breakdown and in-depth analysis of European ports. Triathlon supported by performing analysis, resulting in actions to improve port efficiency and competitiveness.

Tech company

Competitor assessment to understand market

Triathlon helped a tech-company identify and assess current and potential future competitors, enabling the client to make well informed strategical decisions and develop a new business plan.

Public Sector

Analysis of business performance of investment portfolio

Triathlon analyzed a private equity client’s investment portfolio to define and present key data on business performance, providing stand-alone infographics for communication with stakeholders.

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Eliminate the Skill Gap for Value-Based Sales

A sales force which has the skills to identify and sell value is necessary to meet the challenges with value-based sales.

Increasing complexity


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