Industrial equipment

Reaching the full sales potential

A global manufacturing client is targeting substantial growth. Triathlon was asked to turn strategy into action by developing a full potential plan. After assessing the situation and understanding the sales potential, a roadmap for needed initiatives was developed.

Industrial equipment

Reduce working capital

Triathlon supported an industrial equipment client to perform a deep dive assessment to reduce working capital and improve cash generation. Client financials were analyzed to define and detail improvement areas and implementation approach


Identifying new opportunities with 5G

A client within the telecom industry wanted to increase awareness about the business potential in next generation of mobile communication. Triathlon supported the client within an attractive industry segment to identify use cases based on 5G capabilities


Road adaptations for autonomous vehicles

A client within the automotive industry had a strategic project to develop an autonomous transport solution. Together with commercial and technical partners, Triathlon led the work to specify and implement needed road infrastructure adaptations to enable for the technology

Industrial equipment

Defined new way of working globally

A global climate control manufacturer wanted to address untapped potential in current business and reduce operational costs. Triathlon supported in defining global best practice processes and system support as well as planning for the subsequent implementation


Data protection strategic roadmap

An automotive industry client needed support in securing an efficient organization to manage data protection effectively. Triathlon supported by defining the current state, the target state, and subsequently setting a strategic roadmap and an implementation plan


Defining autonomous transport solution

An automotive industry client had initiated a strategic innovation project for development of an autonomous transport solution. Triathlon worked with the client to set a business strategy and model besides supporting with bridging technology and business development

Triathlon Operation

Fulfilling demanding customer contract

A growing industrial equipment company was challenged to meet demanding contractual obligations in a proposed deal that had transformative business potential. Triathlon performed an E2E assessment of the client’s operations and advised on how to meet the challenge.

Triathlon Digital

Transforming sales by digital tools

An international client within the wood refinery sector wanted digital sales tools to their sales channels. Support was provided in qualifying a technical supplier, identifying key values and customer journey. This was used to build the foundation for an attractive sales tool.

Industrial Equipment

Semiconductor supply chain analysis

A purchasing organization needed to gain understanding of the supply chain for components with semiconductors, given the global shortage, to proactively mitigate production impact. Triathlon supported with a supply chain analysis and development of a semiconductor database.

Raw material report

Raw Material Watch Q2 2021

Triathlon & ISEA have just released the latest Raw Material Watch - a quarterly published report summarizing the latest raw material trends and hot topics impacting international trades. To get more information, see our offer and contact us at


Roadmap for digital services

A leading automotive supplier experienced challenges in cross-functional collaboration on digital service development. Through cross-functional coordination, Triathlon supported the client to launch new digital services at a faster pace.

Life Science

Market potential & Go-to-market plan

A novel technique to improve development of pharmaceuticals and vaccines had been developed. Triathlon supported the inventors by exploring the commercial potential and interest among potential partners, as well as defining a suitable model for commercialization.

Offshore & Shipping

Market verification of naval simulation tool

An innovative power prediction model for energy efficient sea transports had been developed. Triathlon supported the inventor by performing a market analysis to evaluate market opportunities and suitable ways for how to commercialize the model.

Life Science

Marine biotech partner screening

A novel microalgae cultivation method has been developed for year-round cultivation adapted for the Swedish west coast. Triathlon conducted a comprehensive survey of potential partners and evaluated applications to guide future development for the client.

Industrial equipment

Preparing for transformation program

Triathlon assisted an industrial equipment client in the concept development and preparation of an initiative to improve operations. Processes in operations were assessed and a new plan defined for launch of a transformation program.

Life Science

Successful MDR implementation

A global medical device manufacturer had to adapt operations to comply with the new EU MDR. Triathlon established an enterprise-wide action plan and effective follow-up structure to drive implementation.


Identified improvement opportunities in operations

An automotive manufacturer client needed to improve efficiency in operations. Triathlon assessed current operational processes and identified challenges and opportunities used as baseline for operations improvement.

Aerospace & Defense

Development of new investment model

A manufacturer within the Defense and Aerospace sector had identified issues with the current operational investment model. Triathlon provided expertise to develop a new model, leading to improved investment decisions.

Triathlon Digital

Strategy for digitalized products

A client needed a new strategy for digitalized products to meet the new market conditions and technology leap. Triathlon developed a digital product strategy connected to overall business targets and a detailed roadmap to close the gap.


Business case for growth with new technology

A client supplying sensor technology and equipment needed to raise capital to approach new market segments for growth. Triathlon supported with assessment of products and markets to build a case for investors.

Life Science

Digital health development & launch

A large global medical device company had set a target to rapidly launch a new digital concept to remain competitive and leverage key industry trends. Triathlon supported with managing and coordinating a cross-functional team resulting in a successful launch that doubled initial sales target.

Life Science

U.S. expansion plan

To manage FDA requirements and outline the best way to market, Triathlon supported a Swedish MedTech company entering the U.S. with the development of a new business model for the U.S. market. The project resulted in an FDA approval and several contracts secured with major hospitals and clinics.

Life Science

Secure project financing

Triathlon supported a startup in need of project funding to verify business concept with a thorough feasibility study through external research and interviews. The work resulted in project funding of 2.5 MEUR for a three-year verification project.

Triathlon Digital

AI to predict failures

A client needed to be able to predict when a specific critical component was going to fail to secure product uptime. Triathlon developed a solution including advanced analytics and AI to prevent product failure.

Triathlon Digital

Use cases for data analytics

A client wanted to better understand their current data analytics capabilities and potential roadblocks ahead. Triathlon assessed the clients current use cases for data analytics and identified key areas to address for value creation.

Triathlon Digital

Actionable data with new BI-system

A medical device client wanted to better utilize their business data to improve decision making. Triathlon developed a business intelligence reporting concept for the client resulting in a new BI-system with relevant actionable data.

Paper & forest

Increased efficiency by applying Lean R&D

Triathlon supported a client in the paper industry to develop a Lean methodology focusing on Visual Planning and PULSE within innovation projects. In the assignment, 30+ projects adopted the framework and gained increased steering, efficiency and transparency.

Paper & forest

Project portfolio evaluation

A large FMCG client asked Triathlon for guidance in selecting their next generation Project Portfolio Management solution. Following the conducted analysis and developed conclusions, the client chose to implement the recommended PPM tool.


Market analysis for a new product

A client within the energy sector needed to find attractive market segments to focus on for their new product. Triathlon assisted by providing an extensive market analysis resulting in four markets to prioritize.


Approaching new customers in new segments

A client supplying radar equipment wanted to approach new industrial customers. Triathlon performed a market analysis, defining characteristics and requirements, allowing the client to make a move.


A business case to raise new capital

An innovator within the telecom industry needed additional financing to fund technology development. Triathlon supported the process by building the business case, resulting in approval of the funds.

Public sector

Business case attracting investors

A business incubator needed a presentation material for a yearly investors' seminar. Triathlon supported with assessment and development of a communication material, resulting in widespread interest among investors.

Offshore & Shipping

Cost analyses enabling improved port efficiency

A large organization in the shipping industry needed a cost breakdown and in-depth analysis of European ports. Triathlon supported by performing analysis, resulting in actions to improve port efficiency and competitiveness.

Offshore & Shipping

Improved management of daily operations

An offshore service provider needed improve management capabilities of daily operations. Based on needs, Triathlon developed governance, structure for documentation, reporting, planning and KPI monitoring.

Offshore & Shipping

Improved fleet operations with new procedures

A client within the offshore segment needed to increase efficiency in their fleet operations. Triathlon supported with development and implementation of new procedures for cost, time and resource planning.

Marine & Aquaculture

Turning marine research into a profitable business

A marine research center wanted to reach a new position by commercializing research. Triathlon supported by launching projects, partnerships, business and facility plans for the client to reach a new vision.

Marine & Aquaculture

Market trend insights to set a new strategic direction

A client in the aquaculture industry needed in-depth insights on trends in current and potential markets. Triathlon supported by assessing customer needs and requirements, building the baseline for a new strategic direction.

Marine & Aquaculture

Market assessment for new liquid treatment technology

Innovators of a new liquid treatment product needed in-depth market insights. Triathlon assessed the market, identifying existing commercial applications and business cases for the new technology.

Aerospace & Defense

Increased customer satisfaction and reduced operational costs

Customers to a defense manufacturer required operational cost reductions. To achieve this, the manufacturer started an initiative with Triathlon to assess a new delivery concept and identify improvement opportunities.

Aerospace & Defense

Implementation of new ERP system

An aerospace supplier needed a new ERP-system to improve efficiency and control. Triathlon provided analyses, developed processes and routines, and managed implementation resulting in a successful transition.

Aerospace & Defense

Profiting in space with modern procedures

A client within new space technology wanted to increase profitability and reduce lead times. Triathlon provided expertise to assess current processes and procedures as well as develop and implement new ones.


Simple connectivity – a complete cost breakdown

A telecommunications operator had developed a low-cost/low-investment alternative for telematics. Triathlon provided a complete cost breakdown for connectivity investments, enabling necessary insights to the business case.

Industrial equipment

Secured operations and health of employees during Covid

An industrial manufacturing group needed new practices to secure operations and health of employees in the Covid-19 pandemic. Triathlon assessed current standards and implemented improvements in the entire group.

Offshore & Shipping

New customer delivery strategy

An innovator within green technologies needed support in finding the preferred way of delivering to customers in order to ease the adaption to customers' products. Triathlon collected and analyzed data and developed a delivery strategy.

Offshore & Shipping

Market review identifying new customer segments

Triathlon provided a client within green technologies with reviews and communicative summaries on a market analysis to identify new customer segments, enabling the client’s management to take a well-informed decision.

Industrial equipment

Actionable data with new BI-system

A medical device client wanted to better utilize their business data to improve decision-making. Triathlon developed a Business Intelligence reporting concept for the client resulting in a new BI-system with relevant actionable data.

Industrial equipment

Needed development for growth

A client within foods equipment needed to increase their growth. Triathlon assisted by performing an initial market analysis resulting in a defined current situation and need for future development.

Offshore & Shipping

Identified new market segments

A client within the energy industry wanted to investigate the potential of their new product in three market segments. Triathlon provided a comprehensive analysis of the markets and relevant alternative segments.


Reduced costs in aftermarket

An automotive client needed to realize savings within their service market. Triathlon assessed processes and implemented a new organization and approach, resulting in a reduction of costs.

Life science

Market verification beyond the pill

A pharmaceutical client had developed a new innovative product. Triathlon supported the business by analyzing the market attractiveness for their product, resulting in several interested new customers for the client.

Tech company

Competitor assessment to understand market

Triathlon helped a tech-company identify and assess current and potential future competitors, enabling the client to make well informed strategical decisions and develop a new business plan.


Improved compliance with new sales tax system

Triathlon assisted an automotive client in the development and implementation of a new IT-solution concept for controlling and reporting sales taxes, resulting in process changes which improved compliance of invoicing.

Industrial equipment

Assessed operations to improve competitiveness

An industrial equipment manufacturer needed to improve operational efficiency to stay competitive. Triathlon advised in the review of European operations resulting in a transformation enhancing the client's position on the market.

Industrial equipment

Requirements set for a global program launch

Triathlon supported an industrial equipment client in reviewing the current situation and identifying requirements for a global business transformation initiative, resulting in a well-structured program launch.

Marine & Aquaculture

Strategic decisions based on market facts

A client within the marine & aquaculture sector needed to take a set of strategic decisions on how to address the market. Triathlon collected and analyzed market data, providing the necessary baseline to make strategic decisions based on facts.

Public Sector

Analysis of business performance of investment portfolio

Triathlon analyzed a private equity client’s investment portfolio to define and present key data on business performance, providing stand-alone infographics for communication with stakeholders.


Creation of a learning management ecosystem

An automotive manufacturer needed support in implementing their vision of a new learning management system. Triathlon defined requirements, executed the sourcing process and implemented a portfolio of solutions building a learning ecosystem.

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