Triathlon Group serves the Telecommunications industry, including equipment manufacturers, telecom operators and innovators.

With a rapidly growing number of connected products and increasing demand for mobile communication capacity, more devices and services than ever are dependent on telecommunications. With 5G starting to be deployed, increasing pressure is put on the information, communication and technology ecosystem and its continued innovation.


Industrial equipment

Semiconductor supply chain mapping

A purchasing organization requested a holistic view a of the supply chain for components with semiconductors. Triathlon assessed the clients supply chain and created a database that provided the transparency required to work proactively with the crisis


Identifying new opportunities with 5G

A client within the telecom industry wanted to increase awareness about the business potential in next generation of mobile communication. Triathlon supported the client within an attractive industry segment to identify use cases based on 5G capabilities


Business case for growth with new technology

A client supplying sensor technology and equipment needed to raise capital to approach new market segments for growth. Triathlon supported with assessment of products and markets to build a case for investors.


Approaching new customers in new segments

A client supplying radar equipment wanted to approach new industrial customers. Triathlon performed a market analysis, defining characteristics and requirements, allowing the client to make a move.


A business case to raise new capital

An innovator within the telecom industry needed additional financing to fund technology development. Triathlon supported the process by building the business case, resulting in approval of the funds.


Simple connectivity – a complete cost breakdown

A telecommunications operator had developed a low-cost/low-investment alternative for telematics. Triathlon provided a complete cost breakdown for connectivity investments, enabling necessary insights to the business case.

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Increasing complexity


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